7 Advantages Of Open Spaces In Homes & Around

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In this Blog we would be talking about Open Spaces in Homes & around it is a rare site in metropolitan cities, especially Mumbai.

Open space outside homes and open space in homes are both of exceptional importance.

The importance of open spaces in homes is often stressed upon because it has a direct correlation to the mental & physical well being of the people who live there.

This article dives into the 7 advantages of open spaces in home and here’s why you must watch out for open spaces

1. Recreational space in & around home

Kids don’t care much about furniture and styling. Home should be a space that thrives conversations, comfort, and peace. Cluttered homes breed chaos and a lack of communication. Similarly having space around your house for leisure walks after dinner and space for kids is to play is non-negotiable.

2. Breed Fitness

A house that has a chair or sofa every 2 sq-ft. only encourages lazy slumbering. Have minimalistic furniture and open concept flats. What is an open concept flat you ask? Open concept spaces are when rooms are redefined into one large space, removing partitioning walls. Open concept small houses make the house look large. It allows space for more activity, more walking around, it encourages space for more fitness.

3. Engage in activities

The advantages of Open Spaces in flats is that you can have more activities you can fit into the flat. You can practice yoga, skipping and many more physical activities. Open spaces around homes promote people’s engagement in gardening, running and walks around the house. Advantages of Open Spaces in Homes is that people with pets benefit the most. Animals love running around the house and playing, this is perfect for our furry friends.

4. Better conversations

Home is a place built for safety and thriving relationships with your loved ones. The benefits of an open floor plan is that it promotes healthier conversations. The kids, the husband, and the wife should all be able to communicate easily after a long day at work. Walls just create distances. Kids can narrate school stories as the mom works on office assignments and dad making Rotis. People in open concept homes have happier, healthier homes.

5. Great scope for designing

The sheer liberty of space gives makes way for classier home decor. You can now bring in big mirrors or rugs that would never be possible in a small house. The benefits of an open floor plan is how you can play with colors, designs, and interiors on each wall. You can create & sectionalize your home spaces without creating walls. That’s a huge advantage of open spaces home.

6. Environmentally benefits society

We live in concrete jungles with soaring temperatures and rising pollution. When there are open spaces around homes, it provides scope for having pockets for greenery. It makes air space more breathable. These tiny pockets of air make the surrounding cooler and more fresh. With the Delhi pollution incident, would you want to expose your kids to that quality of air? Make life better by planting more trees in open spaces.

7. Promotes social interaction

Don’t we all want to live in spaces that promote healthier social interactions? With your open concept floor plans for small homes, you can have great social gatherings around homes. You can promote conversations, you can have a gala time and be a great host all thanks to your open concept living room.

These advantages of open spaces in homes and around homes beat the luxury of a 5 BHK too!

That's why, you need to be aware of the importance of open spaces in homes and reap maximum benefits out of it!

Source: hookfish.in

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