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Best Vastu Tips for Commercial Properties in Thane

Do you own a commercial shop? Follow these vastu tips to prosper in your business.

A shop is a place where people work and earn a living. Often, the success of the shop depends on the energy, correct directions, and luck of the space. Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of architecture teaches that there are a few rules that have the power to eradicate negativity and bad energy from an area, and bring luck, wealth, and prosperity.

If you have an office in your shop, follow these Vastu tips for commercial office. More often than not, if commercial shops are designed without considering Vastu, the chances of success become much lower. Follow these guidelines and tips, to gain maximum benefit from your commercial shop.

Vastu Tips For Commercial Shop Owners:

1. Appropriate Direction For Commercial Shop

For Successfully running your business, you require an appropriate direction for your shop. According to Vastu Shastra for the shop, the entrance should be in the east or northeast direction. It will help you attract more customers to your commercial shop.

Shop specific directions as per Vastu -

  • Stationery shops: Stationery shops should face the west direction. West signifies fulfillment and gains, leading to greater profits.

  • Furniture shops: Furniture shops should face the south, as this will give your brand fame. Fame and name will enable you to attract loyal customers.

  • Grocery shops: As per principles of Vastu, the northeastern direction is the best for grocery shops. As a second alternative, east or north can be considered.

  • Clothes shop: The ideal direction for clothes shops is the southeastern direction. If you want to sell high quality and luxurious brands, the shop entrance should be in the southern or southeastern direction.

2. Cash Counter of Your Shop

The cash counter is present in every shop, and it should be placed in such a way that it opens towards the north. The cash box should have some cash inside it at all times, as an empty cash box indicates misery. If you put idols of Lakshmi-Ganesh in the cash box or locker, make sure to worship it everyday. If the locker is placed in the south-west direction, then the room’s entrance should be in the northern direction.

3. Picture of Your Lords And Deities

Pooja room or location of your deities in your shop is very important for Vastu. According to vastu, the direction of the pictures or statues should be in the north-east, so that you get strength and spiritual satisfaction. The day should be started with a prayer and the lighting of a mild incense stick for good vibes.

4. Placing Raw Materials of Your Store

Raw material related to your business should be kept properly, and requires a lot of care. The heavy stuff and raw materials should be placed in the south-west direction of the store, as this can bring good luck.

5. A Place For Electronic Equipment

Electronic items in your shop should have an appropriate location to not hamper your business. According to Vastu for the shop, if you need to keep electronics bring prosperity by placing raw goods in the right place inside your shop’s premises, they should be placed in the south-eastern corner to enhance sales.

6. Entrance of Your Shop

According to Vastu, the entrance or the main door should be in the North, as it brings more positivity. The owner’s position of sitting should be either in the East or North Direction. The entrance should be given a lot of importance, as this is the first thing that attracts more business.

The entrance must be clean, clutter free, and wide, as it is considered to be a welcoming sight for customers. The entrance should be free from all obstructions like trees, statues, poles, and products. Avoid having any drain flowing in front of the entrance as it causes loss of wealth. Also, avoid stagnant water or door sills, as this allows easy flow of positive energy.

7. Shape of The Store

When it comes to making professional decisions, the shape of the shop plays an important role. According to Vastu, the commercial shop or showroom should be square or rectangular shaped. The shops should not be triangular or irregular shaped, as this can cause irregular income and gains.

Also, the front of the shop should be wider than the rear, as this will otherwise cause mental tensions or/and financial losses.

Avoid having a slope in the shop, as it is considered to be inauspicious.

8. Lightweight Objects Placement

The showcase of regular or daily use small items should be facing the North or the East direction, especially for grocery stores.

The items of regular and daily sales must be kept in the northwestern part of the store. This is said to boost sales.

Medical shops should keep Ayurvedic Medicines in the north and the east direction. The southern direction is best for Allopathic medicines and medical equipment.

9. Placement of Mirrors

As per Vastu, mirrors are an important part of interiors of a commercial shop. Most shops have large mirrors, to allow the customers to see how the products look on them. A mirror doubles the size of the area in which it is placed, as it reflects the zone. The location should be selected with a lot of care. If there are certain areas or corners that are already extended, placing a mirror in that area will further extend it, causing energy imbalance.

Also, due to their reflective properties, mirrors are symbolic of the water element. Thus, it is important for mirrors to be placed in relation to the water element- in the north, northeast, or west direction. Mirrors should never be placed in the fire zones, and the south and southeastern direction must be avoided.

10. Mild Music In Your Store

According to Vastu Shastra, mild music played in shops is a good way to keep negativity away. It will create positive vibes, and makes everyone happy.

11. Keep Your Store Well-Lit

It is necessary to have good lighting in the store, since dark corners and areas in commercial shops breed negativity.

12. Don't Keep Your Shop Dirty

According to Vastu tips for the shop, you must keep your shop neat and clean. A dirty shop looks bad, but also attracts negative vibes, which lead to low sales and reduced earnings.

13. Tree or Pole In Front of Your Store

It is considered inauspicious to have a pole or a tree in front of your store. It can create disturbances in your business and sales. So avoid opening a shop in front of a tree.

14. Seating of The Shop Owner

The shop owner should sit inside the shop, and should face the east or the north direction. Sitting in the correct place attracts better business opportunities, and stimulates expansion. The owner should never sit facing the south or the west, as it can cause problems in the business. The cashier should sit in the southeast direction.

15. Water Fountain Placement

A unique way of attracting customers is to decorate it in new and innovative techniques. Vastu suggests that water fountains should be kept in the northeastern direction. This direction should be clutter-free, as it is considered to be bad for business.

16. Vastu Colours For Shop

According to Vastu for the shop, Vastu colours that are ideal are soothing and light colours. In a shop, you must keep the ceiling a lighter shade than the colour of the walls. As per Vastu, colours like brown, dark blue, or black are considered inauspicious. Instead, you can opt for colours like white, off-white, or silver white in the east, north, north-east, and southwest direction of the shop. Such soothing Vastu colours in the right Vastu direction for the shop can help maintain financial stability.

17. Vastu For Mandir In A Shop

The ideal Vastu direction for mandir in a shop is the northeast direction or east or north corner of the shop. To earn high profits you can even consider the west direction. You can also have the auspicious swastika in the shop written with shubh-laabh. Ensure that you do not keep the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha idols to the right of the northeast direction. Every morning light a Diya and burn incense sticks in the shop to bring positive energy.

18. Vastu For Purchasing A Commercial Shop

When purchasing a new commercial space, the first thing to consider is the locality. Avoid a shopping complex or commercial building near a temple, graveyard, hospital, police or crematorium. Another important point to keep in mind is there should not be a large tree or any electrical transformer at the front side of the shop/store/building.

Other General Vastu Tips For Shop To Follow:

  • The owner should take care to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Any unused items or electrical items like bulbs, machines, and switches that are not working, should be repaired immediately.

  • The shop can be decorated with small plants as these are considered to be pleasing and adds positive energy into the shop.

  • Vastu principles state that the shops should not have thresholds. Also, there should not be a downward slope in front of the shop, as this brings inauspicious energy.

  • The shop should be of regular shape and size; irregular shops bring a lot of negativity and loss to the shop.

  • The shops should not have photos of wars, crying women, and violent animals, as this creates disturbance and havoc.

  • The shopkeeper should keep an aquarium with golden fishes and place this in the north or east direction.

  • If the shop’s shutter is rusted, it should be painted and oiled as soon as possible.

Summing Up:

Earning money and being prosperous is essential for a good and healthy life. Sometimes, there are obstacles in the business. Follow the above Vastu tips for shops to get rid of all problems and obstacles in the business. Most of these tips are extremely easy, and require only minimal changes, but the impact is massive. Vastu tips for shops help in selecting the best directions, designs, and space arrangements.


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