Online Property Booking: Your Complete Guide

Buying a property involves a huge investment for the home buyer. For some, it is even the savings of life. Booking a home online might seem a bit odd to some, but today’s reality depict that online portals are no longer limited to buying apparel, gadgets and white goods.

Buying houses over the internet is a trend that is catching up in India. However, there is still a major chunk of people who still fail to understand how one should book an apartment online. Most of the time, the dilemma is around how online booking functions; whether it is safe; and should they give out personal information on the internet that too related to property.

New projects in thane ghodbunder road | Online Property Booking: Your Complete Guide
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Magicbricks brings to you a guide to buying property online –

What is online booking?

It is a convenient and new method to book your property over the internet. Using Magicbricks’ online booking engine, you can safely book your property online, without the fear of losing your money.

How can you use it?

To book a property online, one is required to follow the steps given by the portals. For example, while booking your flat on Magicbricks, one has to first select the unit that you would like to book, proceed to make payment online, after which a voucher would be generated. You can then present this voucher at the builder’s office at the time of booking to get the discounted price.

Is it safe to book online and share personal information?

The online portals that use theBill Desk payment gateway are considered to be safe to give out information upon. The Bill Desk gateway is secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This ensures that your account numbers, personal data and other online information exchange at Bill Desk are never sent over the internet unencrypted and cannot be viewed by unauthorised individuals. This encryption is done using 128-bit encryption, the maximum level of encryption possible today on the internet.

So don’t let the opportunity go away, book your choice of property online today.

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