Things To Keep In Mind While Buying An Office Space In Thane

Things to keep in mind while buying an office space In Thane

Choosing the ideal commercial real estate is a critical stepping-stone in one’s business journey.

Meticulous attention, therefore, needs to be paid to every crucial detail to ensure that the choice aids in promoting business growth rather than posing unwarranted challenges and repercussions. This is especially true in the case of selecting a commercial property in Thane, which involves a significant deal of investment. However, the growth in infrastructure and housing, as well as connectivity between business and commercial hubs in various corridors of the city, has aided in the rise of several new commercial and business hubs, such as the Worli- Prabhadevi- Lower Parel axis.

Factors that determine the ideal office space

Some of the important points to consider while buying office space are as follows:

1. Location and Accessibility of the commercial property:

Connectivity poses the biggest challenge while looking for office spaces in Thane. It is important to take into account the proximity to both rail networks and roadways before buying office space in a particular location. Similar attention requires to be paid to the type of locality, as a posh location resonates stability while a developing one poses questions about longevity and growth potential.

2. Space for your company to grow:

The commercial real estate you opt for should have enough space to not just accommodate the current technologies and workforce but also offer sufficient room for the addition of both physical and technical components as the business grows. This is important as it projects a positive image of the company to the key stakeholders, and aids in gaining popularity and fame in the competitive market.

3. Budget:

Before deciding on a final price, take into account the facilities as well as compare it to the prices of other office spaces in the neighbourhood. Calculate the total cost of buying or leasing the space, which includes both the lumpsum cost of buying the property as well as various other costs such as construction and restoration costs, moving expenses, parking charges, electricity bills, food and beverage costs, etc.

4. Infrastructure:

The comfort of the employees of an organisation is of pivotal importance as it promotes motivation and positive drive, which in turn aids in the growth of the company. It is, therefore, important to take into consideration the age of the property as well as the essential facilities offered by the commercial real estate, such as power backup, internet, security, parking, recreation, dining options, etc., before opting for a particular office space.


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