Space India

Spaceindia is the most comprehensive real estate consultants focused on empowering our clients with the resources they need to make better-informed property decisions.Spaceindia always have a healthy and long term relationships with our clients which always allow us to provide better financial benefits to our clients.Properties By Us

Spaceindia has the advantage of having a unique insight into the property market, through the sheer volume of properties available for sale and to let.Spaceindia expert consultants carry out the valuation of the property and giving the client intimate and unparalleled knowledge of property values across kerala.

Our Profile Our people are key to our success. We are not just passionate about training people on how to sell and let properties, we are passionate about people development, both personally and professionally.


To challenge status quo and strive for growth, progress & excellence.


To respect the environment, create projects that maintain equilibrium between nature and development.


To consider every customer as a Space India's family member and fulfill his dream of owning their “HOME”.


To maintain customer-centricity in everything we do


To be an employer who challenges, engages & motivates employees while affording perfect work-life balance


To be a trustworthy & reliable partner to all stakeholders

Space India

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