Ravi Raj- Vastu Shastra Expert

Dr.Raviraj Ahirrao and Madam Manjushree Ahirrao were pursuing their different professional activities initially – Dr.Raviraj was in marketing of Pharma products and Madam was pursuing Pathology But destiny’s call for them was different and turn of the event took place in 1994 when both of them laid hand on literature of Vastushastra which attracted them towards Vastushastra. Before venturing into a river and swim it to the other end, they were ordained and blessed by their Guru to do so. The reafter with the invocation of blessing from Swami Samartha and spiritual Guru Reverand Anna Mhaske the couple has made their indelible mark in this area and today they are staggering force as Vastu consultant worldwide.
From humble beginning in 1997 the organization has adorned the status of corporate entity and within a limited period as many as four entities have taken birth performing different roles and activities which are not competing with each other but they are complimentary to each other

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