Raunak Group | Real Estate Development in Thane

Raunak Group | Real Estate Development in Thane

Raunak Group

The Most Committed Real Estate Developers & Builders of Mumbai, Thane & Kalyan

Established in 1980, they are one of the most distinguished and admired builders & developers in Kalyan, Thane & Mumbai. Their core mission is to upkeep their tradition of bestowing the best experience to their customers, right from their home buying expedition to living there a lifetime. To date they have developed various township projects over the years, have completed projects covering over 59,58,787 sq. ft. and have further ongoing developments of an additional 44,19,277 sq. ft.

They are backed by a team of dexterous industry professionals who are dedicated to crafting the most distinctive holistic experience for you. Hence, the reason they are reckoned amongst the most renowned property developers in Maharashtra, India. Now into 40+ years of delivering excellence, they keep upgrading themselves to embellish the skyline of Kalyan, Thane & Mumbai with the crown of glory it deserves. They are committed to the vision of developing a better built environment that one can proudly call a HOME.


At Raunak Group, they endeavor to help you make one of the most earnest decisions of your life. To be by your side in the odyssey towards your dream life to the best of their ability.

Their passion for creating elegant experiences and their commitment towards excellence has prepared us to bring you a lifetime of happiness. A practice that has enabled us to revel in the tremendous respect and goodwill amongst their consumers & peers alike.

In their present and future endeavors, they aim to exceed expectations by providing superior quality in construction and service, while creating spacious and luxurious homes with modern facilities at affordable prices.

Their Essence:

In helping & assisting in your pursuit of searching for your dream home in Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan.

The Philosophy Behind The Logo:

The Raunak logotype consists of the word Raunak Group in a typeface that conveys solidity and responsibility. The brand mnemonic used is a solid block with a carved out R in a three-dimensional design embodies the business the brand is into- construction and real estate. The blue color mirrors the professional approach that they take toward all their stakeholders. It signifies the positive energy within the company and its strength & solidity as a brand.

Raunak Group Promise:

1. On Time Delivery

2. Transparency

3. Affordability

4. Quality

Their Partners:

Financial Institute
  • Bajaj Finserv
  • Landscaped garden.
  • Aditya Birla Capital
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • JM Financial
  • NKGSB Bank

  • Design Consortium
  • Godbole Mukadam and Associate
  • Reza Kabul and Associates
  • Scapes | Arch. Gupte and Associate

  • Mr. Harshad Bhadbhade
  • Mr. Vishwas Kulkarni

R.C.C Consultants
  • R.C Tipnis
  • Sterling Enterprise | Mr. Kamal Hadkar

Raunak Group  | Real Estate Development in Thane
Raunak Group  | Real Estate Development in Thane


Created On March 2024

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