Kolhapur-based builder gets show-cause notice for levelling land

KOLHAPUR: Civic chief Mallinath Kalshetti on Saturday issued a show-cause notice to a developer for levelling of the land in the flood-prone locality of Jadhavwadi.

Kalshetti, along with the officials of town planning department, visited the site and found that huge amount of murrum and gravels have been spread over the site. The town planning authorities said that height of the land has been increased to 3 ft which, according to them, is violation of the clause 53 (1) of the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act 1966.

“The construction activities in the locality may lead to flooding in the nearby residential areas. I have asked the junior engineers to carry out the survey of the locality and check for more such activities. Also, the officials ignoring such activities will also be acted upon,” Kalshetti said.

Construction activities along the banks of Jayakwadi river are one of the reasons to aggravate the flooding situation in the low-lying areas.

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Source: realty.economictimes.indiatimes.com

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