Power demand dips by 12-26% in Maharashtra


Overall power consumption in the state dipped by 12% during morning peak load and by 26% in the evening, MSEDCL statistics have shown.

An official said, "While consumption has been almost normal for residential users — most working from home — there has been a dip for industrial and commercial consumers. Most industries and commercial establishments/ shops are shut due to the lockdown or are consuming less as employees are working from home."

Statistics showed that demand in the morning was 15,890 MW, while in the evening it was 13,195. "This is a drop of 12% and 26% respectively. Normal peak load demand is 18,000 MW," the official stated.

In Mumbai, the normal requirement is 2,300-2,500 MW, while latest figures showed a range of 1,800-2,100 MW.

This could because many shops and commercial establishments are shut in the city due to the lockdown and ACs are turned off there, said an energy sector source.

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi's nationwide nine-minute lights-out initiative at 9 pm on April 5, peak load consumption dropped from 17,000-18,000 MW to 13,000 MW in the state.

There was a drop of 1,800 MW in power demand in Maharastra from 10 minutes before 9 pm and another drop of 1,435 during the blackout. It dropped from 13,121 to 9,880 MW. It was the state's lowest recorded consumption in recent days.

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