Nashik: Drone survey of villages in Rahata taluka completed

The land records department has completed the drone-based survey of 123 villages in the Rahata taluka of Ahmednagar district in Nashik division, as a part of the mapping of gaothan areas to present the right for dwelling on the gram panchayat land.

A total of 4,570 villages across Nashik division will be surveyed using the technology, Milind Chavan, deputy director of Land Records, Nashik Division, said.

What is drone-based survey of gaothan area?

The British had surveyed each and every measure of land in the country, based on which, the land records department came into existence and a system to charge tax was established. But they left out the areas of villages where people resided, and termed them as gaothan areas.

While people live in villages, the exact land measurement of the houses and the ownership is not defined, and the land still belongs to the district collector. In order to give the title to the citizens, the land has to be measured. The process of conventionally measuring will take more than six months. The drone-based survey on the other hand takes a picture from the skies and using digital technology completes the survey in five days flat.

Do people accept the demarcations given by you?

The land records department does not demarcate the property. We reach out to the villagers and convince them on the group survey of property and seek their cooperation. Once decided, the government offices are asked to mark boundaries of their properties in the village — hospitals, roads, public wells etc. — with lime powder. Then the villagers are told to so and they do it amicably, even in the open lands.

After marking is done, drone is placed at station zero for land measurement in that villages and is pulled up in the air. AFter that it takes several pictures of the village from various locations and then the properties are identified and numbered.

How many villages are to be drone-surveyed?

There are 4570 villages that have to be surveyed in Nashik division comprising Nashik, Dhule, Jalgaon, Nandurbar and Ahmednagar districts. Of these, we have completed 123 villages in Rahata taluka. Work in the entire Rahata taluka has completed and the process of presenting the awards after calling for objections is being carried out.

What is amicable sub-division of land in a family?

Most farmers have common land and the names of all the family members are added to create rights of everybody on the property. At times, people want their land to be divided and create sub-divisions or pot-hissa on the same.

Conventionally, when farmers present their request and land surveyor goes to the spot, those opposing the applicant create a scene. Therefore, the government has come up with a solution to the problem of getting land divided in their names when everybody is in good mood. For this technology is put to use.

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