7 Easy Ways To Give Your Wall A Complete Makeover

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There are many things in your home that are close to your heart or have memories attached with it but are of no use. These are often dumped in that box holding all the things you do not need. However, there is an interesting way to bring to life these old memories and give them a place in your home’s décor – turn them into art.

And, while you thought art was expensive, these old memories will only make it priceless without you having to invest anything.

Give your wall a complete makeover with these quirky tips:

CD covers

We are all about streaming music and casting videos now, making CDs a yesteryear product. However, old, some of the CDs, yes, you can admit that you bought them because they had a beautiful cover. It was later that you fell in love with the songs. Why not turn these beautiful covers into an art?

Pick some colourful covers and create a collage. Use wooden framing to turn this collage into a wall hanging, an art piece that would be loved by the many music lovers.

Stamps or postcards

Many of our parents had the hobby of collecting stamps and postcards from around the world. Colourful and interesting, these stamps and postcards can be a piece of art, too. Use them to transform your otherwise drab walls.


Bright, colourful and patterned handkerchiefs can be an interesting option, too. Use them in small frames and place them in a collage form on the walls. Make sure you use them on the wall you want to highlight the most in your room. This can make the otherwise pastel theme of your room come to life.

Old hand-written letters

Hand-written letters are a thing of yesteryear, but, remain close to our hearts still. Framing an old letter your best friend wrote to you, or a letter you received from your grandparents when you were a small child, could be a good way of keeping the memories alive. Also, the vintage look of the letter, a beautiful handwriting and the beautiful words written can do wonders to the overall decor.

Book covers

Many of us choose our books by their covers that attract our attention. Some quirky, some telling and some bright, these book covers can be a great way to deck up your walls. Make a collage of some interesting book covers and frame them to create a piece of art. Have some old or rare book covers? Try it now.

Currency notes

Frequent travellers have a hobby of collecting currency notes just like some have a hobby of collecting postcards and stamps. These can also be used to adorn your walls. Just like you would do to book covers and stamps, frame these currency notes to create a wall art.

Old photos

What better way than to say it with pictures? Old pictures of your parents when they were young, photos of your childhood and now photos of your little ones put together can create a beautiful family tree frame. A mix of monochrome and coloured pictures can be pleasing to the eye.

BONUS Point:


Although not from the closet of old memories, left out wallpaper can also be turned into an art by just framing it. Have a piece of wallpaper that was used to decorate the walls of your bedroom? Use this left out piece and get it framed to add beauty to the plain walls of your living room. You could also frame a variety of wallpapers to create a multi-colour scheme.

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