10 Most Important Vastu Tips For Buying A New Flat

Flats in Thane | 10 Most Important Vastu Tips For Buying A New Flat

Maintaining Vastu tips for buying a new flat will provide you with positivity around the house and also improve your health. Check this article to know about the 10 most important Vastu tips for buying a new flat and how to remove negative energy from the house.

What Are Vastu Shastra Tips?

Vastu Shastra is known as Ancient Science Architecture which provides much knowledge about the dos and dont’s of lands and buildings in different directions. With the help of Vastu Shastra Tips, you can be able to bring positive energy to your house. Vastu tips provide ideas on the building structure to attract positive energy. As per the God of Eight Direction, if you plan your house accordingly, you will gain success, good health, and prosperity in life.

Benefits Of Vastu Tips

There are a few benefits of Vastu tips for home and they are the following:

  • Improved energy: A Vastu maintained house experiences improved energy. The house members receive good energy from the sun, the moon, the cosmos, and the earth. There is always a better balance between the

  • Happy souls: When your house is Vastu compliant, this will also help you feel relaxed in your home.

  • Customized service: If you have purchased an already constructed house, you can still make a few changes in the house to make the Vastu of that house correct.

  • Better relationship: A Vastu-compliant house helps you declutter any issues in your relationship with other members of the house.

  • Building trust: When your relationship is strong, a strong trust builds between you and your family member. You can grow a faithful relationship.

  • Increased wealth: Vastu principles provide an appreciable effect on your financial condition. When the principles are maintained, you will receive significant results.

  • Loss reduction: The chances of any kind of unexpected loss in life can be reduced with proper Vastu shastra tips.

  • A better life: Not only improved energy but proper maintenance of the Vastu ideas will help in improving the space in your house.

  • Mind, body, and soul rejuvenation: Vastu-compliant homes provide you with a fresh environment, spacious room, and good vibes which help in rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul.

10 Most Important Vastu Tips For Home You Should Know

The 10 most important Vastu tips which you should know before buying a flat are provided in the following:

  • North or North-East facing house If you want your house to be in the north direction then you need to ensure that the entrance of the house is in the North or North-East direction which is the best direction for entering sunlight, and proper ventilation. A proper ventilation system helps in increasing calming vibes in the house. Hence, north facing house is very important.

  • South, South-West, or South-East located bedroom The bedroom in your house should be in the south, south-west, or south-east direction. This will provide a relaxing and cooling effect to the room which is necessary for a bedroom. Any person with the issue of anxiety, sleeplessness, or short-temperdness will feel relaxed in a south-direction bedroom.

  • South-East located kitchenAccording to the Vastu shastra, the kitchen is considered as the ‘Agneya’ or fire which is required to be in the south-east direction.

  • South or South-West located bathroom The southern or south-west direction of the house will help the bathroom to maintain a disinfected environment.

  • The staircase on the side of the houseIt is suggested not to build a staircase in the middle of the room, rather you can construct it on the side of the house. This will not block your sunlight and also keep the hall looking spacious.

  • Living room in the middle: The living room is suggested to be located in the middle of the house so that it receives an ample amount of sunlight and surrounds by a positive environment only.

  • Proper ventilation: Sunlight is the most important element in a house, hence, proper exposure to the sunlight and ventilation system is important for a positive environment in the house. When your house is getting enough sunlight then it will be naturally disinfected.

  • Colour of the house The colour of the house is also responsible for attracting good vibes in the house. It is suggested to go for neutral or pastel shades which will help in reflecting light as well. A dark colour like black generally spreads negative energy in the room.

  • North-West or South-East location guest room: The guest room in the house should be constructed in the northwest or southeast direction of the house.

  • North-East located pooja room: The pooja room in the house should be northeast located. This will help is spreading spiritual energy in the house and surround the house with positivity.

How To Remove Negative Energy From Home

Negative energy brings negative thoughts among members of the home. 4 techniques can be used for removing negative energy from the home:

Who Can Live in an East Facing House?

  • Fresh air: Proper ventilation in the house will ensure that the house is always surrounded by fresh air. This will help to remove negative energy and spread positivity.

  • Rearrange: Once in a while, you can rearrange the home interior in your house as it will help boost your mood and give a positive effect on your mind.

  • Ring bell: The vibration from the bell will immediately remove the negative energy in your house. Hence, your pooja room should have a bell and you can ring the bell two times a day to keep the negative energy outside the house.

  • Fragrance: Along with the bell, you can also light a fragrance stick or candle to energize your mood and keep the bad thoughts away.

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