Wooden Main Door Designs in Indian Style

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The door is the most noticeable element of a home. We share some interesting wooden main door designs that can be used in any Indian style decor theme.

Wooden main door designs: Introduction

Doors are functional units of the home that provide security and privacy. They are also the focal point of the house. Wooden main door design create the first impression and, therefore, should be designed to impress. Wood is a very popular door design choice in India because of its versatility and easy availability. Wooden main door design can be created in different styles such as folding doors, sliding doors, single doors, and double door designs.

10 most stunning wooden main door designs for a grand entrance

1. Mid-century modern gate

This Indian double door design adds more grandeur and majestic sense to the foyer with its ridged front double door design. The ridges add dimensions to the wooden main door design and also helps the door stand out from other wooden doors.

2. Carved traditional motifs on the front door

Add a desi touch to your entryway with traditional carvings on the door. The carvings can upgrade the look of a simple wooden main door design with ease. The warmth of the wood combined with the peacock design makes the door look very glamorous.

3. Interesting glass and single wood door

This wooden main door design has a classy wood and glass design with eye-catching patterns and designs. The single door design uses opaque glass that provides the elegance of glass without compromising privacy. The light wood colour uplifts the atmosphere of the area surrounding it. The white doorknob ties the whole look together.

4. Wide wooden front door

Replace the main double door design with a trendy wide door. The wooden main door design of a wide wooden door is unmatched for modern Indian homes. Ridges are also used on this door for adding extra dimension and design. The no hinge look is a contemporary design favoured by many homeowners with a contemporary residence.

5. Traditional double-door entrance

This is a perfect example of the Indian style wooden main door design. The carvings and the shiny centre make the door beautiful. The double door design makes the gate look like a grand fort entrance.

6. Dramatic entranceway

The three elements of wood, metal and glass are utilised together to form this dramatic entranceway. This wooden main door design is a great way of using big entrance spaces for a single door instead of a double door design. The modern look of this wooden main door design cannot be missed. The glass panes allow for visibility, while the wooden door ensures privacy. The rough texture design takes the whole look to another level.

7. Panelled front door design

A simple Indian front double door design made with panels is a great choice for a chic urban look. The panelled design can be turned inward or outward based on your preference. This design is quite a popular way of transforming a simple wooden door. The wooden main double door design makes the gate look very grand and sturdy. Dark wood is used in this design for more warmth and allure.

8. Front door design with geometric patterns

Geometric designs are in trend and work for front door designs as well. It is a simple design that looks stylish and unique. A black door handle adds to the chicness of the wooden main door design. Frosted wall mirrors also add extra allure and mystery to the doorway.

9. Wooden front entrance with grill design

Grills are very popular among wooden main double door designs in Indian style. The elements of metal and wood are combined in this classic style door. The coolness of metal combined with the warmth of wood creates a ying-yang balance. The grill adds an interesting element to the door with its abstract design. The archtop emphasises the sophisticated look of the main wooden main door design.

10. Modern double door design for the main door

This is a wood-made front double door design with a modern aesthetic for a contemporary home. This wooden main door design is functional, looks aesthetically pleasing and ensures privacy. The dark colour adds to the voguish look of the door. Instead of an outdated doorknob, sleek door handles are used to go along with the aesthetic. The two simple frosted glass panels on the front double door design are a great artistic addition that maintains privacy too.

The kind of Indian double door design varies from the north to the south of India. However, wood is a common element used throughout India for traditional door styles. These wooden main door designs artistically carry the historical and cultural values of India. The visual charm of the Indian style wooden main double door designs, as well as the use of bright colours, make these doors very attractive and state-of-the-art, among others.

Source: housing.com

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